Do you often decide not to do something that you really want to do, because your spouse, your BFF, or no one you know wants to do that something with you?

When you suddenly find yourself alone, and it looks like you are going to be alone for 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years, or a lifetime, do you believe that your options for experiencing that time more fully are limited, just because you are alone?

Have you ever dragged your significant other to a favorite opera, ballet, or horse race, and in the middle of the activity thought, "This would have been better if I were by myself!" because their snoring, pouting or other forms of acting out have completely diluted the experience for you?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then you might want to consider getting very good at aloneingTM.

What is aloneingTM?

AloneingTM is a concept wherein you embrace, and sometimes, even celebrate your alone-ness.  Aloneing is when you do something that is actually very natural.  Remember, each and every one of us comes into this world alone.  We will each leave it alone.  Yet for many, the most dreaded experience between those two amazing events is to find oneself alone.  And for all that we might do to avoid that circumstance, it can be easy to forget that as a popular saying goes, "You take yourself with you wherever you go."

AloneingTM is not an alternative lifestyle, and it does not promote a single or solitary existence.  AloneingTM is an inner lifestyle that you integrate with the lifestyle you already have.  You can be good at aloneingTM whether you are single, married, or somewhere in between.  When you are aloneingTM, you honor your most important companion in life -- you.  And the better you get at aloneingTM, the more you will find that you are in good company!

Look to this website for inspiration and resources, not only for learning to be alone, but to make aloneingTM your best gift to yourself.  Join the conversation about aloneingTM by clicking on the aloneingTM Blog link at the top of this page.